Choosing to include beauty in your everyday.

We can go about our ordinary days doing ordinary things in ordinary ways. Or not.

At Five Petals Floral, we are about choosing to include beautiful things in our everyday lives. What is more perfect than a flower? What gives us more natural perfection and a defies us to remain mundane? Our mission, our passion is to deliver and enhance the marvelous variety and surprise of flowers and combine them into arrangements that delight and fill your life with happiness.

Why custom design?

Why not? While flowers in and of themselves are remarkable and beautiful, the designers eye that sees the combination of color, texture, shade and shape, and then assembles those into an arrangement that perfectly compliments the occasion, says what words cannot, or brings joy to those we love, is what makes the gift of flowers one of the most special things we can do. When were you disappointed receiving a unique floral gift?

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Send your unique message.

At Five Petals Floral, we do so much more than send flowers. Are they for a special occasion? Do they go in a certain room? Is the recipient contemporary, traditional, funky, old, young? Do they need to convey a certain message? All of these things and more require a designer that listens and can interpret what you want to convey, then deliver so much more than you expected.

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